Matthew DeVirgilio

About Me

I'm a photographer who specialzes in the documentation of uncontrolled action. I pride myself on my ability to track action and photograph at a high rate of speed. I work well in adverse shooting conditions such as in the rain or at night.

I graduated from Delaware Technical Community College in 2006 and was awarded best Graduate Portfolio Award. In August, 2014 I enlisted in the United States Army as a Combat Documentation/Production Specialist.

In my four years of service I have traveled through half a dozen countries and deployed with the Special Operations Joint Task Force in support of Operation Gaurdian Sentinel. I served as a visual information team leader where I instructed junior soldiers both tactically and technically. My military training includes Combatives level 1, Gryphon Group Security Training, DOD Storytelling Workshop, Basic Leader Course, Airborne School, Advanced Premiere Course, After Effects Course, Studio Lightning Course.