Video Storyteller - USMC



JAPAN - My passion for videography started when I was at my first duty station in Iwakuni, Japan. I became a radio DJ when initially got there, but didn’t like it so I convinced my command to switch me into the news section where I would be creating videos instead. It was a painful process at first because my only formal training was taking photos and writing stories at that time. Slowly, but surely I was making a new story every week and found that I really enjoyed making videos. I ended up winning a few awards that first year and kept trying to become a better storyteller after that.

THE PENTAGON - My passion grew even more for video storytelling when I was sent to the Pentagon. I was able to travel all across the United States to support the Marine Corps’ flagship social media platforms and create videos for top level Marine Corps initiatives and plans.

SYRACUSE - I wanted to hone my skills even more which is when I applied to the Military Motion Media Program at Syracuse program at Newhouse, Syracuse University.

FUTURE – I will be heading back to Japan to continue my career in the Marine Corps. However, I am only an e-mail away!



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