About Me

I have been in the U.S Army for 4 years as a Combat Documentation and Production Specialist and during this time have been able to travel and photograph historical events, military operations and national events. I have recently have been at Syracuse University in the Military Visual Journalism Program, which I applied for to improve my photojournalism storytelling and for the unique experience. When not panicking about school deadlines, I enjoy reading, running, exploring the outdoors and just relaxing with my cat! My favorite types of photography are landscapes and nature, although I always seek an opportunity to explore and capture interesting subjects and projects. After completing my time in the military, I plan to pursue a job in the National Park service and also freelance in photography, combining my love of nature and photography. I hope to inspire people with my photography to simply go outside and experience nature in all its beauty! I also hope to inspire a desire for nature conservation so there will always be outdoor places to explore and enjoy.