Gabriel Stuart

60 Presidential Plaza Apt · Syracuse, NY 13202 · (417) 224-7454 ·

I am a bonafide goofball born and raised in Springfield, MO. I graduated from Willard High School, and enlisted in The United States Air Force in 2014. I've been in The Air Force for 4 1/2 years and am currently a Staff Sergeant. I'm now attending Syracuse University as part of The Military Visual Journalism Program.

What do I do?

United States Airman

Broadcast Journalist

I schedule, shoot, edit and produce videos and imagery for The Air Force. I document training or combat operations, I can produce features on the Airmen themselves, and I create videos with the purpose of raising morale and espirit de corps.


Syracuse University

I am currently enrolled in The DoD funded Military Visual Journalism Program, hosted by Syracuse University.

Aspiring Filmmaker

Since I was a child I've always wanted to make movies. I created some short films for a film festival in high school. I've produced plenty of videos for The Air Force, and I'm learning more and more productions techniques while a student as Syracuse.


What Do I Like?


Is it good? That's all I need. Action, Western, Romance, Sci-Fi, you name it. What I care about are quality, timeless stories that capture the human experience and paint the human imagination. I also like awful, dumb, pointless movies that most likely aren't funny to anyone else on earth but me.


Truth be told, I'm a workaholic. I feel genuine satisfaction and glee from making that bread. I'm most passionate about work that can be added to my portfolio and represent who I am and my work ethic. If I have a job, you can bet I'll get it done and you're gonna see good effort from me.

Recreational... Things

Like any other young, growing American male, I play vidya games. I love watching hockey, particularly St. Louis Blues games. And I love the hiking and adventuring in the great outdoors.

What Have I Done?

Multiple Time Award Winner

I've won multiple media awards in The Air Force, ranging from operational documentation, long-form production, human features and was selected as Communicator of The Year for Air Force Global Strike Command.

Traveling Experience

I've travelled across the states and overseas several times. I've worked for other agencies, consulted with leaders in helping to realize their vision, and have worked looong hours to iron out professional and effective products.

Creative Mind

I've got a brain full of big ideas and big visions. My products consistenly show a creative eye or a unique concept. Some of it's weird. Some of it's powerful (I'd like to think.) Either way, I have a knack for helping actualize the ideas of others.

Where Do I Want To Go?

After all this Air Force Business, I want to break into the filmmaking world. Production Assistant, Writer, Lighting, Grip, I don't care. What I want to do is be out there, in the field, behind the camera making films come to life.

I've wanted to direct films since I was a child, and as an adult, I want nothing more than to climb the ladder. Shoot, light, edit, I'll do it. Film is a world of creating visions and sculpting dreams. If I can jump into the director's chair and tell a story that can make people laugh, excited, cry or dream, then I'll die a happy man.

Why Should You Care?

I'm a can-do man with a can-do attitude. I've consistently been lauded by colleagues and clinets for my work ethic. I've been awarded several times for my products and have been personally requested for high concept projects. You got a message you want to get out visually? Or some Joe-Schmo to hold the boom pole? I'm your guy!

I'm a strong believer in team work and achieving cooperation and understanding between others. If we're all on the same page, we can get the job done. I believe I would be perfect for any production team and I can help accomplish what you need singlehandedly, or with a crew.