Deana Heitzman



I began my photography journey as a hobby when I was a young teenager in a small suburb north of Dayton, Ohio. Although I tucked my creative side away when I attended college for aerospace engineering, it was brought back out when I enlisted in the Air Force as a photojournalist in 2013. I have a passion for using my photography to shine light on extrinsic people, abstract visions and odd landscapes.

My military career led me to Aviano Air Base, about an hour from Venice, Italy, and I had the opportunity to travel and photograph 14 different countries throughout two years. Then, I moved to Misawa Air Base, Japan, for three years and I traveled Asia capturing images and developing my own creative eye. Then I moved back to the United States.

Currently, I reside in Syracuse, New York, attending the Military Visual Journalism program at Syracuse University. I am working on various projects, while expanding my experience on lighting, storytelling, audio, multimedia, graphics, web design and video production.

Next, I am working with Airman Magazine at Defense Media Activity on Fort George G. Meade, Maryland.

Thank you for visiting and please contact me via email for any questions.

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