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Chasing Dreamsville is a documentary film that sheds light on the drug epidemic in the two small neighboring towns of Uhrichsville and Dennison, Ohio, also known as the 922.

This film also takes you through the journey of young and hungry artists doing their best to rise above the adversity they were born into and become something greater then even they could imagine.

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Andre Donovan

Andre Donavon is an ametur boxer chasing his dreams of becoming a professional to provide for his son. Andre had a promising career as a teenager before falling into addiction and finding himself incarcerated. After serving his time and completeing rehab, he's returned to the boxing ring once again to give his son a better life then he ever had.


Ben Cottrell

Ben Cottrell is an ametur boxer chasing his dreams of becoming a professional. Stuck in the middle of an embarassing losing streak, he refuses to quit and climbs into the ring once more to end the streak and make his family proud.


Tim Zurcher

Tim Zurcher is a published author on a mission to show those around him that through hard work and determination, you can break the mold and do something greater with you art. After already publishing his first short story, "Eternal Love", he hopes to release another in the near future.


Cole Erickson

Cole is the director of "Chasing Dreamsville" as well as an aspiring screenwriter. After deciding to leave his town and enlist in the U.S. Army, Cole learned to tell stories and returned home to tell the story of his people. With a film and two screenplays on his resume, Cole hopes to not only change his world, but the world itself.


Austin Kamban

Austin Kamban is a talented rapper who was once an alchohlic aiming for fame. At his lowest point, Autsin was showed a sign from God and decided to change his life and focus on Him. After becoming sober and deleting all his old music, Austin hopes to use his story and his music to glorify God and spread His message.


Ben Meese

Ben is an ameutr boxer chasing his dreams of becoming a professional. After opening his own gym, House of Hands, Ben trains day and night with a dream of one day coaching to provide for his two young daughters.